"CSR" stands for Corporate Social Responsibility as associated with companies serving and doing business with its stakeholder citizens, customers, employees and institutions around the globe.  We believe that specialized lawyers, government affairs and external affairs professionals are exceptionally qualified to lead in the critical and burgeoning space of csr-sustainability.   


Recognizing these professionals as being largely responsible for the company’s public image and direction in all of the markets where it does business, we became excited about the opportunity to continue in our core business service under our core beliefs, while being more directly attached to the core beliefs and ethos of the clients that we serve.  In our view, the best of these businesses recognize the importance and inseparability of diversity and succession planning. While many have heard the phrase that “diversity is good for business”, we have always operated under the notion that “good business is good for diversity” and now we see, more than ever, that it is also key to sustainability.    Simply put, sustainability is accomplished by operating as a “good business” that does good through cultural inclusion and through the employment of superior talent and leadership.  It is this ethos within the business model that makes our companies the best in the world.  We are proud to serve you and look forward to making sustainable placements.


Having been in business for nearly ten years, we have a deep and extensive database and network of talent uniquely qualified to fill leadership roles in csr-sustainability impact areas. Accordingly, we divide our sustainability candidate pools into three groups: CSR-Attorneys, CSR-Government Relations and CSR-External Affairs.  For more general information on corporate social responsibility-sustainability click here or on our sustainability rss feed.