This is our original and ongoing foundation and lawyers can be found in every area of csr-sustainability where we offer candidates.  It is client direction that is driving our re-direction but our candidate base while larger and more experienced is fundamentally the same.  Likewise, so is our manner of doing business.  We have always operated as a high touch, personalized and specialized firm and we continue in that manner, only slightly more specialized.  We, as legal placement specialists, have been building upon our relationships with our candidates in and around the legal profession for nearly fifteen years and can count the true history of these relationships long before that.  As a result, we have immediate access to thousands of women and ethnic minority candidates with whom we have a more insightful relationship than most of our competitors could possibly claim.  


We look forward to working with you on sustainability placements and solutions through the offering of our candidates in the broadest possible spectrum of diversity with, as needed, the most narrow and precise of skills and abilities. 



Sample Practice Areas of Lawyers in Our Database