We place government relations experts that help companies protect, shape and advance their business direction and image through their knowledge of legislative policy and process.  We list examples of recognizeable traditional tiltes below.  We also include in this section of our database professional public policy advocates often requested by non-profts.


In addition to managing legislation, senior staffers may also manage the legislator including their media matters from messaging to logistics (events, calendar etc) to managing staff and multi-million dollar budgets.  We market and place the most capable of these on the basis of their expertise in public relations, marketing and communications. 


We also include under the umbrella of government affairs, government contracts and (generally nonprofit) public policy advocacy. Given our deep and seasoned bench of lobbysits, lawyers and expanded relationships in federal and state government offices and agencies; we have government contracts attorneys available for placement with agency experience and relationships extending from the Department of Defense through the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.



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