Under the heading of External Affairs, we place dedicated and experienced leaders in Corporate Philanthropy and Foundation Management, Economic Development and Community Affairs.  


Corporate Philanthropy and Foundation Management 

The fact that companies donate tens of billions of dollars per year to charitable causes makes clear that this is a sustainability role of executive accountability because one would expect that this professional is responsible for not only designing, developing, implementing and/or managing corporate giving, but will also be held accountable for measuring and reporting results and ensuring desired social and business impact.  This is a growing career area, perhaps due to the fact that some research suggests that consumers increasingly value and approve companies that demonstrate a clear commitment to social well-being and advancement.   Our candidates for positions in Corporate Philanthropy and Foundation Management will generally come from any number of roles where they have been previously responsible for giving whether in profit or non-profit environments.


Economic Development and Community Affairs

Our candidates for placement in the area of Economic Development and/or Community Affairs will have public policy and/or project experience in areas ranging from education to workforce development with proficiencies and cultural competencies that enable them to be leaders in facilitating and expanding domestic and international business while helping to support and develop those communities where the company is doing business.  It is the development and improvement of these infrastructures in a 21st Century global economy that is necessary to secure the foundations of sustainability.  We have candidates from both profit and non-profit environments with leadership experience and mission impassioned commitment to serve and lead in these critical sustainability roles.  


Sample Roles in External Affairs 


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